Handmade Yarns and Textiles

Orcas Island farm tour wool yarn apples fruit.

Much of the wool and yarn from our animals is processed in house with traditional techniques. After shearing the wool off the sheep, the wool is washed, carded ( some is dyed), spun and woven here in our studio. Stop

Fresh fruit

Orcas Island farm gifts souvenirs apples fruit

Our beautiful orchard produces the best apples on Orcas island. If you are visiting the island in the fall we have a wide variety of apples pears and walnuts for sale.  Feel free  to stop by and sample some of


Orcas Island farm sheep tour wool yarn apples fruit

Our wool products are handmade from wool harvested from sheep that we have raised.  The sheep live in the patsture on the farm and recieve the best care.  Their days are spent lounging in the sun and enjoying themselves.